Best WooCommerce PDF Invoice and Shipping Documents Plugins February 18, 2024

Managing invoices and shipping documents efficiently is crucial for any online store, and having the right tools can make a significant difference. In this post, we’ll look at some of the top plugins available, simplifying your search for the most effective solutions to manage your WooCommerce store’s document generation process.Best WooCommerce PDF Invoice and Shipping Documents Plugins in 2024

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WooCommerce PDF Invoices, Packing Slips, and Credit Notes

WooCommerce PDF Invoices, Packing Slips, and Credit Notes is a plugin by WebToffee designed to simplify the creation of professional invoices, packing slips, and credit notes for WooCommerce stores. The plugin automatically generates PDFs for these essential order documents, simplifying the administrative process for online businesses.

The plugin offers ready-to-use templates for easy customization. You can download or print invoices and packing slips individually or in bulk, and customers also have the option to print or download invoices directly from the store. The plugin supports custom numbering for invoices and credit notes, allowing you to set specific sequences with prefixes, suffixes, and custom number lengths. 

Additionally, the plugin supports the integration of tax details, custom fields for payment information, logos, tracking details, and more. It also allows you to offer a “pay later” option on invoices, allowing customers to defer payment instead of completing the transaction at the checkout.

Key Features

  • Auto-generates PDFs for WooCommerce orders
  • Attaches PDFs to order emails for easy sharing
  • Provides ready-to-use templates for invoices, packing slips, and credit notes
  • Download or print documents on your own or in a large file
  • Customize documents with visual and code editors

Pricing: Begins at $69/year.

PDF Invoices & Packing Slips for WooCommerce

PDF Invoices & Packing Slips for WooCommerce is an extension designed to simplify your order processing. It automatically includes a PDF or UBL invoice in the confirmation emails sent to your customers, enhancing the communication of order details. The plugin comes with a basic template, and users have the option to customize or create their own templates. This flexibility ensures that the invoices align with your brand’s style. 

Additionally, the plugin allows for the easy download or printing of invoices and packing slips directly from the WooCommerce order admin page, simplifying administrative tasks. With features like sequential invoice numbers and support for multiple languages, this extension aims to make the invoicing process efficient and user-friendly.

Key Features

  • Automatically attach invoice PDFs or UBLs to your chosen WooCommerce emails
  • Generates PDF invoices/packing slips in bulk
  • Offers fully customizable HTML/CSS invoice templates
  • Provides multilingual support for more than 15 languages
  • Provides sequential invoice numbers with custom formatting

Pricing: Begins at €59.00/year.


Challan is a PDF invoice plugin for WooCommerce that simplifies the invoice generation process by automatically creating and sending PDF invoices to customers. The plugin attaches these invoices to order confirmation emails triggered by the configured order status. Challan offers a basic template and additional customizable templates and it allows you to modify the appearance of invoices to suit your branding preferences. 

The plugin also offers features like bulk invoice and packing slip downloads, invoice numbering, custom date formats, localization, and logo resizing, enhancing the overall efficiency of the invoicing process. Overall, the plugin offers a user-friendly tool for managing order documentation.

Key Features

  • Automatically generates sequential invoice numbers
  • Generate invoices automatically with every order
  • Attaches PDF invoice to order email
  • Offers fully customizable invoice format
  • Can bulk download invoices/packing slips by date range
  • Attachable to multiple WooCommerce email types

Pricing: Begins at $29/year. Lifetime plans are also available.

WooCommerce Shipping Labels, Dispatch Labels, and Delivery Notes

WooCommerce Shipping Labels, Dispatch Labels, and Delivery Notes is a plugin that automatically creates professional documents for your WooCommerce store, simplifying order processing. It allows for the easy customization of shipping labels, dispatch labels, and delivery notes, offering tailored settings and layouts. You can conveniently download or print these documents directly from the admin order page or order status emails.

The plugin comes with pre-designed layouts that you can choose to match your brand, and it also allows the creation of custom templates by adjusting document components. You can access these documents easily from the order edit page, enabling bulk printing as needed. The addition of a ‘Print’ button in order status emails simplifies the process by allowing direct printing from emails, eliminating the need for extra downloads. 

The plugin supports the inclusion of additional order and product-related information, like meta fields and attributes, offering a comprehensive approach to document customization. With multilingual support and compatibility with popular plugins like WPML, the plugin accommodates diverse language needs, supporting over 10 languages out of the box.

Key Features

  • Automatically generates customized WooCommerce shipping labels
  • Bulk-prints multiple labels from the admin order page
  • Creates customizable dispatch labels with detailed order information
  • Generates and customizes WooCommerce delivery notes for all orders
  • Offers multiple built-in layouts to match your brand
  • Includes additional information like meta fields and attributes
  • Seamless integration with multilingual plugins like WPML

Pricing: Begins at $59/year.

WooCommerce PDF Invoice Builder By RedNao

The WooCommerce PDF Invoice Builder by RedNao offers a practical solution for creating various types of PDF documents, such as invoices, packing slips, and credit notes. Its drag-and-drop interface simplifies the process, allowing you to easily design your PDFs according to your specific needs. 

The plugin provides customizable fields for dates, invoice numbers, and billing addresses, enabling you to create the documents to match your business requirements. It also allows you to change the color or font size of elements within your WooCommerce invoices, adding a personalized touch to the documentation. The plugin also boasts more than 500 icons for further customization. 

Additionally, it supports image inclusion, allowing you to add your logos or any images to the generated PDFs. The plugin even offers pre-designed templates for those who prefer ready-made solutions. Moreover, features like multiple currency support, configurable invoice numbers, and file names based on order information contribute to the plugin’s adaptability to various business setups.

Key Features

  • Offers drag and drop interface for easy PDF creation (invoices, packing slips, etc.)
  • Can customize fields like dates, invoice numbers, billing addresses, etc.
  • Provides access to more than 500 icons for unique PDF designs
  • Offers pre-built PDF templates for quick implementation
  • Provides multi-currency support

Pricing: Begins at $49.99/year.

Flexible PDF Invoices for WooCommerce & WordPress By WP Desk

Flexible PDF Invoices for WooCommerce & WordPress by WP Desk is a plugin that enables you to generate WooCommerce invoices for free. It even allows you to create VAT invoices directly in WordPress, separate from WooCommerce transactions. This consolidated approach enables you to manage all PDF invoices efficiently in one central location.

The plugin’s free version offers essential features such as issuing PDF invoices for WooCommerce orders, manual creation of VAT invoices in both WooCommerce and WordPress, and the ability to save, download, and manage invoices as Custom Post Types. It also allows bulk generation and download of WooCommerce invoices, customization of invoice numbering with shortcodes, and the option to set the initial number for invoices. 

Moreover, the plugin supports multiple languages through WPML, offering a convenient solution for businesses with diverse customer bases.

Key Features

  • Manually creates VAT invoices in WooCommerce and WordPress
  • Manages currencies, tax rates, and payment methods
  • Generates and downloads WooCommerce invoices in bulk by date range
  • Can include payment info and additional notes in the invoice footer
  • Prepares reports summarizing all documents issued in a chosen date range
  • Offers multilingual support

Pricing: Begins at €59/year.

WooCommerce Address Labels

WooCommerce Address Labels is a plugin designed to simplify the creation and printing of various types of address labels for your WooCommerce store. With this plugin, you can automatically generate customized shipping, billing, return, and from address labels for your orders. The address label for a specific order can be easily accessed and downloaded directly from the admin order edit page, enhancing the convenience of address label management.

The plugin offers the option to bulk print labels for multiple orders on a single sheet, simplifying the printing process. It allows you to choose from pre-built layouts for generating WooCommerce address labels or configure custom layouts according to your specific needs. The plugin further allows full customization of the label’s appearance by adjusting layout properties, including label size and text alignment. It also offers multilingual support and compatibility with plugins like WPML.

Key Features

  • Automatically generates address labels for new orders
  • Provides support for multiple address types (shipping, billing, from, return)
  • Offers bulk print of labels for multiple orders in a single sheet
  • Provides pre-built layouts with fully customize label properties 
  • Offers multilingual support with translation for over 10 languages

Pricing: Begins at $39/year.

WooCommerce Print Invoices and Packing Lists by SkyVerge

The WooCommerce Print Invoices & Packing Lists Plugin by SkyVerge simplifies the management of invoices, packing lists, and pick lists within your WooCommerce store. 

With this plugin, you can effortlessly print documents directly from the Orders page, whether it’s for individual orders or in bulk, making the process of order fulfillment simple and easier. Customers can conveniently access their invoices from the “My Account” page, ensuring they have access to important order and policy information.

The plugin simplifies the task of printing or emailing invoices on a per-order basis or in bulk. It also sends emails upon order payment, enhancing efficiency in communication. Additionally, the plugin facilitates quick printing or emailing of packing lists for one or more orders, with the option to sort items by category.

Key Features

  • Customizes document appearance and information with live preview
  • Prints or emails invoices individually or in bulk
  • Optionally sends professional-looking invoices as HTML emails to customers
  • Provides options to choose sequential invoice numbers or use WooCommerce order numbers
  • Supports sequential Order Numbers Pro extension when using order numbers for invoices

Pricing: Begins at $79/year.

PDF Invoices by Andrew Benbow

PDF Invoices by Andrew Benbow is a plugin designed to automate the creation and attachment of fully customizable PDF invoices to completed or processing order emails in WooCommerce. This simplifies the communication process with customers, providing them with a convenient way to access and download their invoices. 

The plugin offers several features to customize the invoice template, including options to add legal company information sections, sequential invoice numbering, and the ability to attach the PDF to the “New Order” email for admins. It allows you to personalize the appearance of invoices by adding a logo image and customizing date formats. 

The plugin also supports column customization, allowing you to add or remove columns from the invoice using filters. The inclusion of an invoice number column in the order list and an invoice info meta box on the edit order screen contributes to a user-friendly experience for both you and your customers.

Key Features

  • Customizes invoice template with ease
  • Includes legal company information such as tax number
  • Implements sequential invoice numbering
  • Adds logo image to enhance PDF appearance
  • Customizes the date format to suit your preferences
  • Modifies invoice columns using customizable filters

Pricing: Begins at $79/year.

PDF Invoices and Packing Slips For WooCommerce By Acowebs

PDF Invoices and Packing Slips for WooCommerce by Acowebs is a plugin designed to generate customized invoices and other essential documents for WooCommerce stores. Apart from invoices, this plugin also facilitates the creation of packing slips, delivery notes, and shipping labels directly from within WooCommerce orders. 

The plugin allows you to automatically generate and attach PDF invoices to order emails, providing a seamless process for both customers and administrators. It offers extensive customization options, allowing you to personalize the store logo, name, and address on various documents such as invoices, packing slips, delivery notes, shipping labels, and dispatch labels. 

The plugin also supports options like invoice number auto-generation with customizable prefixes, suffixes, and padding, and it accommodates multiple Google Fonts for diverse typography choices. With additional features such as support for custom order statuses and compatibility with WooCommerce payments, the plugin simplifies the document management process for WooCommerce stores.

Key Features

  • Automatically generates PDF invoices attached to order emails
  • Customizes store logo, name, and address on multiple documents
  • Offers customizable invoice templates through an advanced customizer
  • Can disable invoices for free orders or display/hide free line items
  • Auto-generates and customizes invoice numbers with prefixes, suffixes, and padding
  • Supports multiple Google Fonts and RTL, including Arabic fonts
  • Compatible with WooCommerce custom order statuses

Pricing: Begins at $43/year. Lifetime plans are available for this plugin.


Choosing the right WooCommerce PDF invoice and shipping documents plugin can significantly enhance the efficiency and professionalism of your online store. Whether you prioritize customizable templates, automatic document generation, or multilingual support, the plugins featured above offer a range of solutions to meet your business needs. 

Consider your specific requirements and explore these plugins to simplify your order processing, improve customer communication, and elevate your overall WooCommerce experience, learn more experience from here.

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