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Laravel is a web application framework with expressive, elegant syntax. Every PHP framework has its own implementation, features, and capabilities. In this post, we will look into what is Laravel and why you should give it a try. PHP has evolved over the last few years which adds modern features to full fill the demands of a web programmers. let’s discuss why should choose laravel framework

1. Inbuilt Object-Oriented Libraries
 The pre-installed libraries which are object-oriented that is one of the key reasons behind the skyrocketing demand for Laravel over other frameworks. Unlike other frameworks, there are 20 plus pre-installed libraries in Laravel of which the Authentication library is well known. It provides better security features including CSRF protection, encryption, and login & database securities.

 2. Clarity in Documentation and MVC Pattern Each and every web developer using Laravel gets to experience documentation that is particularly easily understandable, neat, and much more organized. That’s why for the framework to self-proclaim that text will be placed beautifully. Laravel certainly follows the model-view-controller (MVC) pattern. Being an MVC compliant framework, it comes with a lot of built-in functions to choose from and enhanced development architecture.

 3. Unit Testing Laravel permits you to evaluate an explicit functionality or feature of the web application by performing unit testing through PHP Unit. It further sets the PHPUnit.XML file up by default. Hence, you can simply write test cases and perform unit testing throughout the development process. All at once, Laravel further permits defining custom test methods according to the specific testing requirements of the project.

 4. Database Seeding is an automated process. Database tables can be seeded with default data which can be used for the preliminary application set up or for application testing. 

5. High-End Authentication and Authorization It is a PHP framework that makes authentication of web applications very simple as everything is already built-in or configured within the framework. While the main concern of most web application owners is regarding the verification of users and prevents the access of unauthorized users, Laravel relieves them of the tension. It is comparatively easy for the owners to organize the authorization logic of their web application and restrict the access of users to all resources.
 6. Caching You can take benefit of the basic caching system provided by Laravel to achieve simple caching tasks like storing objects in a file or database. Simultaneously, you also have the choice to integrate the web framework flawlessly with popular caching systems like Redis, APC, and Memcached. Thus, you can simply augment the web application’s performance by integrating a robust caching system into Laravel.

 7. Artisan Laravel offers a build in the tool named as Artisan, which allows the user to perform lengthy programming tasks really quickly which can be easily done by Laravel developers. In Laravel, the developer needs to interact using a command line that handles the Laravel project environment. It is used to generate a structured code and database structure to make it easier to manage the database system.

 8. Blade Template Engine Laravel comes with a Blade template engine. You can take advantage of Blade to include plain PHP code in the view and compile the views into PHP code. Thus, you can improve the website’s performance by compiling the views into PHP code, and be caching the code till the views change. The blade further makes it easier for you to display data and extend the layout without affecting the application’s speed. 

9. Route Middleware Laravel supports HTTP middleware. The middleware adds additional layers to the HTTP route. You can use the route middleware to execute precise routes in the applications in a more efficient way. Also, the middleware permits you to test & remove individual requests and remove all conventional layers. The trait makes it easier for you to optimize the communication between your application and the web server without using any third-party tools. 

10. Routing System The routing system is the key feature of Laravel that is an easy-to-use method for routing. The path can be set off on the application with control and good flexibility. A directory is created to match the URI. Routing is the very important thing to choose laravel framework.

11. Artisan CLI Artisan CLI is the Command Line Interface of Laravel. This was first introduced in Laravel 3 but it had only some basic functionalities. But with Laravel 4, launched additional features were available because different components from the Symfony framework were integrated. The huge fame and rising favor for Laravel are due to its refined but simple syntax which made the development of web applications with PHP a fun-oriented task. Web developers are really relying on the platform as it quickly and easily solves out the recurring tasks across all web projects. This saves time which can be spent on other creative tasks such as the writing of custom functions. This resultantly made web development procedures extremely cost-effective. Laravel is certainly one of the best PHP frameworks known for robust web applications and developing compact. It brings in a set of comprehensive features which help in enhanced customization of web applications as per client requirements. Its mutual community is an advantage which is devoted to foster key improvements in the framework from time to time. overall you should choose the Laravel framework to build up an awesome and secure application.

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